Jasmine and Rajah


Introducing our Jasmine and Rajah fan-favourite figurine – a majestic portrayal of the adventurous princess and her loyal companion from Disney’s Aladdin. Jasmine stands tall and regal beside her beloved tiger Rajah, their bond evident in every graceful movement and affectionate glance. With intricate detailing and vibrant colours, this exquisite figurine captures the timeless allure of their friendship and the magic of their Arabian adventures.

Experience the magic of Agrabah with our captivating Princess Jasmine and Rajah Bone China Figurine. Crafted with precision and affection, this stunning piece immortalizes the bond between Princess Jasmine and her loyal feline friend Rajah. Princess Jasmine, the spirited heroine of Disney’s Aladdin, is elegantly portrayed in her iconic two-piece outfit, adorned with real 22ct gold highlights. In her hand, Jasmine holds the genie lamp, a symbol of the enchanting adventures that await. Add a touch of Arabian Nights magic to your collection with this exquisite and rare Princess Jasmine and Rajah figurine.

World-renowned sculptor Valerie Annand has intricately modelled this limited edition figurine, a testament to her artistry. The skilled hands of Master Painter Dan Smith bring the figurine to life with meticulous detailing. Limited to only 1500 pieces worldwide, this collectable is a true gem for Disney enthusiasts.

  • Hand-made and hand-decorated
  • Fine bone china
  • Real 22ct gold decoration
  • Elegant gift packaging
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Limited Edition to 1500 pieces worldwide
  • Part of the Aladdin Collection

Additional information

Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 17 × 23 × 20 cm
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Limited Edition