Snow White Colour Story Cup & Saucer

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Introducing our captivating Colour Story Cup and Saucer range, where the vibrant colours of each princess’s signature colour come to life in a delightful burst of brilliance. Crafted from fine bone china, each set exudes elegance and sophistication, elevating your tea experience to new heights. Our Snow White Colour Story Cup and Saucer is a beautiful deep blue tea set!

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Discover the elegance of the Snow White Colour Story Cup and Saucer in deep, enchanting dark blue. Crafted from fine bone china, the set features a saucer motif that reflects Snow White’s grace. Inside the cup, the message “The Fairest One of All” celebrates the enduring beauty of Snow White’s classic fairy tale. The Colour Story Collection invites you to experience the essence of each princess’s story through vibrant colours, enchanting motifs, and inspiring messages. Elegantly gift-boxed, these sets are a delightful addition to your teatime rituals and capture the spirit of Disney magic with every sip.

Whether you’re drawn to the regal purple of Rapunzel, the bold blue of Cinderella, or the radiant yellow of Belle, our stunning collection offers a tea set to match every princess’s statement colour. Elegantly presented in gift boxes, these sets make the perfect indulgence for yourself or a cherished gift for any Disney enthusiast, adding a touch of magic and charm to any tea-time affair.

  • Fine bone china
  • Elegant gift packaging
  • Hand-made and hand-decorated
  • Part of the Colour Story Collection
  • Now 50% OFF

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