Part of the ‘Famous 12’ original Charlie Bears, Jake is modelled in fine bone china atop a traditional red suitcase. His brown-beige textured fur and oversized silver bell around his neck has been delicately hand-painted by the English Ladies Co master painters.

Modelled from the original ‘Charlie Bear’, Jake is one of the ‘Famous 12’ bears in the first ever launch. He is modelled posing on a traditional red suitcase with his brown-beige textured fur beautifully sculpted in fine bone china and wearing an oversized silver bell around his neck. Delicately hand-painted by the English Ladies Co master painters, Jake displays a sweet and curious expression. Notice the stitching detail on his right foot!

Limited to 600 pieces worldwide, this petite figurine comes in a gorgeous cubby-house gift box with a secret door opening! Plus, a numbered, limited-edition certificate of authentication to signify the English Ladies Co. CB2024 range is also included.

Working closely with Charlie and Will, we have ensured the essence of the original bears has been exquisitely preserved in our sculptures. Each piece is thoughtfully designed to maintain the cuddly charm of these furry bears, even in fine bone china. Jake is a ‘beary’ special original Charlie Bear with his adorable face featuring on the Charlie Bears logo.

    • Jake CHBFIG33801
    • Handmade in fine bone china
    • From the 2006 Plush Collections
    • Brown-beige textured fur detail
    • Hand-numbered with a Certificate of Authenticity
    • Hugsley Manor gift box

Additional information

Weight 0.455 kg
Dimensions 10.5 × 10 × 17 cm


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