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Meet our Master Painter Dan Smith

Posted on - 30th January 2020

Each English Ladies piece is brought to life with the help of a team of renowned artists and modellers. A key member of our team is Master Painter Dan Smith who is usually the first person in the process to paint our pieces. We recently sat down with him for a quick interview.  

What is your favourite part of working with English Ladies? 

  • My favourite part of working with English Ladies is the variety that we do, I never know from one day to the next what they will produce next.

So, with that in mind do you have a favourite piece?

  • Yes, probably Jasmine and Rajah. That is a classic piece and the lovely detail on both Jasmine and Rajah which was interesting for me to do. Overall, it’s just a beautiful piece.

Which piece was the hardest for you to paint?

  • For me, the hardest piece was Ariel from The Little Mermaid, she was a difficult shape to work with and then getting colours right was very time-consuming. There are lots of intricate little pieces in it, so this all contributed to it being one of the most difficult pieces to do.
  • However, the smaller pieces are also hard as it can be a challenge to get the details in, for example with the dwarfs, it was a bit time consuming to get the colours and the details right on their clothes.

Head over to the Our Story page to learn more about Dan and the process behind making an English Ladies Piece.